Thank You. Minus the Thank You.

Just 3 months ago, I applied to be part of the leadership program in the American Red cross. I went through over 9 interviews, and surprisingly was chosen out of the 90 or so candidates.


I knew no one, people came from all these different schools, and had their on cliques.

It was awful for me

At first at least

In my time there I met all these great people

Rick: The Fakest person you’ll ever meet.


Hieu: I call her Ryu though.


Elle: some punk


There are so many more. but…

I doubt these pictures mean much to everyone else, but they are a whole world to me. Meeting people is far from my strong suit, but these guys are incredible. They’ve led so many leadership groups, and have received all these grants and scholarships for their works. Then there’s me, some guy who somehow got accepted into the program. Nonetheless, I love them with all my heart and am glad to be around such amazing people. They’ll never see this nor do i want them to, but this is a way for me to say thanks, without saying it.

Just wanted to throw this in here to brag a bit.


And This photo because I really like it.







My SuperSmashBros Melee Career.

15 months ago, I entered a Melee (We’re just going to call it Melee) Tournament, and I was completely destroyed by a guy named Andrew

2 months later, I challenged him to a best of 5 for 10 dollars. I won only one round, the rest weren’t even close.

2 days ago, I was at his house, I finally won!

I don’t know how to describe how I felt. I trashed talked him a bit, but we both knew he was much better, but more importantly I feel like I’ve grown along side him.

Most of my career has been pretty irrelevant, just me entering a few tournaments winning a few, but never really placing top 8 in any of them.

However, little things like this, make my career few just so much better. It’s odd, it’s not like a won a major or anything huge, but I felt so good.

And most of all I did it with my main, Luigi.character_header_luigi

5:30 a.m

5:30 a.m. 

I’m in an office, with some big wig organization, and have been for the past four years. I’m a secretary, a frustrated one at that, seeing as I work at the front desk, dealing with everyone’s unreasonable, hostile “constructive criticism”: “Let me speak to your manager”, “What’re you doing”, “You idiot, do your job”, it’s all I hear day in and day out. I was supposed to be serving time in military for a year, but I’ve taken a leave. I’ve been asked by the military to come back on multiple occasions, but I’ve denied and I bought my way out of it . Other than that, I’ve done nothing interesting. I’m stuck at this desk. It’s sick and boring. I’ve got to out of here. I’ve been planning to get out of here for years, but so far I’ve got nothing. Life doesn’t seem like it’ll change, but I’m sure it will.

I wake up at 5:00 a.m. everyday on the dot. I brush my teeth, urinate, throw on my uniform black dress, then head off to work in my car. I’m always out by 5:30 a.m. For the past 4 years it’s always been 5:30. I head off to work in my old Honda Civic, and after half an hour or so, I see it in my left-side peripheral, “Pyrex”, the huge company I work for. We sell kitchen supplies, primarily cheap, manufactured blenders.I’m on the front desk, so my job is to take the backlash for low quality and to make sure we don’t lose profit from consumers who want to be recompensed for our defective products.

It’s normally 11:00 when the first angry critic comes.  And surely, today, he does. This one’s an old senile man. White hairs, and a sweater vest over his polo, he has limp- and not to mention, he carries himself around with a cane .

He starts off with the classic “What’s the meaning of this!”

I’d keep up my smile and ask him “What seems to be the problem, sir?”

He’d elaborate that our product, a blender, “The Blade”, is trash, that it keeps breaking down every time he uses it. Of course it doesn’t work, it’s made up of some plastic and glue! Nonetheless, I’d still try to convince him that it isn’t the products fault. My whole job is to try and void his warranty, on the accountability that the whole thing was his own fault, not the products. But it was always the products fault. Nonetheless I’d always work to make sure he wouldn’t be reimbursed.

For seven more hours I do the same thing until it hits 5:00 p.m. I’d work at the desk everyday, working for an hour, and another hour, and another hour, all the way until 5:00 p.m dealing with angry customers. Who cares if your product doesn’t work! It has the lowest quality on the planet! It was five god forsaken dollars. Twelve hours a day I do this. I hate it so much.

It’s 5:00 now, so I can go home. I head back to my house taking the same bleak, monotonous roads. I go over the agonizing work day, until I see my home. It’s about 6:00 p.m, so I microwave a T.V pasta dinner. I wait about five minutes for it to cool, then I eat it. After dinner, I relax with some radio until, take a shower, then hit the sack. It’s about 7:00 p.m before I collapse in my bed.

I think to myself If I should keep this up. Working seven days a week at a job I hate. I deal with people yelling all day. I want a change so badly. Maybe I’ll quit tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try to get back into the military. Or maybe I’ll just stay where I am. Do I like this monotonous work? Am I willing to stay here? I need to seek something better. I shouldn’t have left the military: It’s my biggest regret. I need to stop regretting

I really like this song.

Wow. I never thought I’d be sharing my music taste on this blog, but here I am.

Although I’ve never been a huge fan of the The King of Rock himself, “I’ve fallen in love” with this song. “Like a river flows, surely to the sea.. some things are meant to be”, perfectly describes how I feel about this song. I know it’s different for everyone, but I have a huge love for this song. I’ve used it to ask a out to homecoming, and now, I’m listening to it nonstop. I know it doesn’t bring much big meaning or much of anything alot to the table, but songs like this can be used for more than just listening to. I’m in love.

Busy work.

Busy work is the worst.

Busy work is not education.

Busy work Is not homework.

Everyday teachers gives out hours of homework to students, “claiming” it’ll help them in their studies. However, most of the work given is either too much (Which makes students resort to copying others) or it doesn’t benefit the student in any way, and they waste an hour or two doing it.

Math, Chemistry, Biology- all classes gives out busy work to some extent.

Sometimes it’s bake a cake.. for math, color the picture.. in chemistry, or make a cool project with a paperclip.. In biology. Although these instances are a bit exaggerated, they’re real. This type of work is fruitless, students will never be able to learn anything g from it. They don’t need to color the cow, they don’t need to bake a cake, no one needs to make a paper clip into an S. Rather than give out hours of pointless homework, give out “enough” that so we can learn the material. Monotonous work can even fall into this category. In math we’re given 50 problems a night, of the same question! 10 would be enough to learn the material, but no, 50 is the right number. It discourages students, and makes them less inclined to finish the work, especially if they know it’s going to take 2+ hours to do.

However much busy work other classes give out, I’m going to focus in specifically on Spanish, which gives out the most.

In my experience, I spend most of my time self teaching Spanish. This is because most of the “homework” given to me has nothing to do with the subject, or they’re giving you the answer right in the question.


“Spanish Crossword Puzzle”

This is the biggest offender when it comes to busy work. Especially when it’s combed with 5 other practice book pages.

Students shouldn’t be bombarded, with work, that people can just guess, and say it fits. Copying other people’s cross words are running rampant, and more often, people are just throwing in random letters to fill the space.

It’s ridiculous.

Moreover, there are assignments that tell you to underline the preterito tense, it’s the equivalent of looking for -ed in every sentence just to circle it.

Bottom line people don’t care to do too much work or busy work. With all the forms of communication now, they don’t even have to.

It’s always funny how we always over compensate, when enough is all we need.



Super Smash Bros Melee: The Problem With Luigi

In competitive play, Luigi is ranked 13 out of 26 characters on the Super Smash Bros Melee Tier list. Due to this, Luigi players rarely make it into top 8, in competitive tournaments. There was one instance in a national tournament: the Big house 5; however, the player was immediately eliminated, losing his first match, placing 8th in the tournament.

Luigi faces a problem where some of his moves are spectacular, but most of them are balanced in terms of other characters.

Balance doesn’t win matches.


Being unbalanced makes you the best. Like Melee’s ranked one: Fox Mccloud

Having flexible options, and above average moves makes you the best.

Luigi can be compared to someone who is untalented, but has a passion for a sport. He tries his hardest to compensate with unique ways to play, but still his potential is lacking compared to this upper class counterparts.

Although potential is lacking, I do believe he can rise up. He has a unique movement option: his extremely long wavedashThis is where all his potential is held, he is the only character with ability to use his wavedash to move. As before stated, he has balanced attack options.

Luigi compensates talent with his unique abilities.







5 years ago I collapsed. I learned that i had a tumor on my spine, and that odds are I was going to die, or be bed ridden from the neck down.

I don’t care to remember neither the pain nor the outcome. I really don’t. Actually I do care about the outcome, it’s the only reason I’m still here. It’s a blur. However, what i do remember was my thoughts as I was rushed into the E.R.

Its some things I thought were shameful to me. I had thoughts of regret. All the things I didn’t say and didn’t do was what hit me the most.

But whats more. I thought it was nice. Nice to be there. Nice to just relax. It’s weird saying that. I was being rushed into this white, emergency room laying on my back. I didn’t know better. All i knew was I was hurt or something, so I thought it was more like lets get bandaged up and then take a nap. But in reality, I was about to die. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time. Just laying there: pondering. I couldn’t hear anything but my own thoughts.

I thought of my family. I thought of games. More importantly i thought of my well being.

It wasn’t lets get ripped and eat a bunch of vegetables, but more relating to my own happiness.

I realized that I felt most happy like that. Alone. In my own head. Only with myself. I know it sounds odd but that’s how I felt and that’s how I feel now.

I’ve learned to enjoy solitude. In my English class we have times of silence, they always come close to what I felt back in that time, but there’s always something lingering: grades, family, life.

Solitude makes me what I am now. So, I will always value true solitude.