Rain Drop, Change never stops

“Rain Drop, Drop top, This rain be fallin’ non-stop” – Anonymous    

It’s been over 5 years since it stopped raining in California. We were taken over by a harsh sun, and unbelievable drought. However, it’s finally over It’s raining and flooding all over the state. It’s incredible. During the drought, there was a lack of water. But for me, during this period, life was feeling a bit dry and monotonous.


“A picture to describe how I felt a little while ago”

But It’s not how I’m supposed to feel. A year ago, I was going through the motions. I went to school, went home, and did my 5 hours of homework, then slept. This was for the majority of my life. This is not how I’m supposed to live, is what I thought to myself. After, I was in pain, I was hurt: I hurt myself mentally. I realized life is more than school and “education”. But, I was still in it- the motions never stopped. I still went to school, I did my 5 hours of homework, then slept. I thought of this as the worst possible outcome of my life.

I’ve gotten out of those motions, but like many, the past will haunt me. So what does this have to do with rain? Well, I like to think of myself similar to the sky (So cheesy). Like the sky I was pretty dry and sad, but after I pushed myself a little bit, I started to change. And It was a more than refreshing change to my life. I didn’t just go to school. I have internships, I went to foot ball games, and I even went to a talent show. A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine what those were like.



I don’t know any other way to say this, but what I want say is that it doesn’t matter how hopeless a situation may seem it will get much better.  Life can be sad, but looking from the future it’s not impossible to change. It’s like California’s drought. It took 5 years for it to clear up, and fix itself.


A drought and changing oneself, seem completely disconnected. I mean how is rain supposed to be the same as a persons life. It may not for many, but for my life, it looks like everything. I appreciate the rain, that it took 5 years for it to come around, but for me it took much longer for me to change and open myself up to the world. If any of my readers are struggling or unhappy about your life, please take a moment to reflect about what actually makes you sad, and try to change it. It doesn’t have to be a instant change, but if you really are sad, and want to find a solution, you have to want it as much as you want to breathe.

I promise that you’ll be satisfied when what you want comes around.

“This is the first video that inspired me to make a change” I hope that others can find inspiration from it as I have.





A New Kind of Day


Before I start going off, I want to share a story:

So, I started the day with my one friend- we were a bit lonely


But a nice guy asked if my friend and I wanted to join the circle and throw around a volleyball


My friend was a little reluctant, because we didn’t know them:


But we joined in this circle of 4 people and we tossed the volleyball


More people came


A musician played music for us too! (We didn’t really know him either)


We were loud then told to move


We played until we got tried


My friend went with the group and played cards under the tree


I went off on my own and decided to relax under a tree next to the musician

Part 10.png

A person from the group came by and we relaxed near the musician together


A man with no thumbs came with his crocodile asked if we wanted to play with him (we did)


The day ended. And although I started the day with one friend, I ended with a lot more


Big Meanie: Blah blah blah what is all this? A badly drawn kids book?

Me: uhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: I didn’t come here to read a kids book

Me: uhhhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: Stop playing and get to work

Me: uhhhhhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: Well?? You have something to say?

Me: Sort of.

That story was an instance, my instance of the Global School Play Day. Going to be straight, I didn’t know what it was, and I probably wouldn’t have known it if my 11th grade English teacher hadn’t decided to host one. It’s a day where we’d take a break from schoolwork, and we were allowed to have fun. No studying, no stress, nothing. Just a time where we could spend an hour doing whatever I felt

Big Meanie: You little millennial you should be putting your head into those books.

Me:Yea yea. Call me what ever you want. But this probably made me much more comfortable going into that English class.

Big Meanie: Wait, what?

I’m not sure if I should share this, but everyday when I’d go to English class, it’d feel a bit empty. I had a friend or two, but one’s sitting in the opposite end of class, and the other I’m still a bit awkward around, even though he always makes an effort to be friendly. And a day like this, it just felt good.I was invited to have fun with a group, which barely knew me, and I got a chance to interact with new people. They were super friendly, and I really feel like I bonded with the people around me, and I actually look forward going to class now knowing I’m not going in alone. Best part, I was afraid of this day, because I thought I’d have no one to spend it with. But the people around me welcomed me in open arms. So I’m now glad to walk into my English class.

That’s a huge statement for me. You see, I often get afraid of others.

(So much digression and tangents sorry about that)

Big meanie: Well it’s your fault for not being the perfect being. Not my fault that you’re awkward.

True. I’m not a social butterfly like many of my classmates. I’m awkward, dumb, I eat a lot, and I watch way too many movies. But even an awkward lump like me can have fun. My life is full of stress that I decided to put upon myself, and I refuse to give up what I love doing, even if it’s so stress inducing. And I get home everyday at 7 or 8! But who cares! I’ll still decide to relax rather than study. But I have to study don’t I?

As a result, I trade sleep because I also have to “learn” useful history facts and that sin90=0.

So what more did I learn from the Global Day of Play?

This was an incredible experience for me, and I’m glad my teacher showed me it. I played volleyball, with a group that I didn’t even know. They invited me to join their circle, and I took the opportunity to meet these friendly guys and girls.

It taught me that I crave these kind of interactions. That I want to make friends, something I kind of forgotten in the sea of education.

It taught me something 12 years of schooling probably never will- that I seek out fun relationships with others.

Here’s a blog that I found that writes about some reasons why I was pessimistic and now optimistic about search for friendships

A relationship that I haven’t had since elementary school with my old dorky friends. We’d play card games and tag, it was good clean fun I haven’t had ever since I’ve gotten digital games. It’s strange to me that I’d forget something so full just because I’ve gotten something that’s a bit more convenient.

Why I feel this way is probably because of the high demand of perfection.


I’m taught to be perfect. Do all this work and fill up your resume right? Because only doctors and lawyers are happy. RIGHT?!?

Well this day reminded me of a quote my uncle taught me a while back. He told me that “if everyone was a doctor, who would be the patient?”

Big meanie: uhhhhhhhhh

It’s a lame dumb quote that my uncle told me that actually stuck with me, until sophomore year, when I actually realized how competitive college was. I got this tunnel vision and decided to study and do all this work to stunt in front of the college admission office. But I realized, once again, will becoming a doctor or lawyer make me happy? Why give up 4 years of happiness so I could get a career that is said to be happy, if I can just be happy now.

So what why global day of play.

It’s a great event. That I believe all teachers should host for their classes. Because with all the stress a student has, it’s good to take one day. Just one. To have fun and realize that school isn’t everything. Take it slow and enjoy school, not rush through it so you can reach “happiness” in your future career.

Big meanie: maybe you’re a bit right.

Before I end this blog I’d like to thank Mr.T for making me feel more comfortable when I walk into class.





















Music: Another word for Hope

    I’m a big cry baby and a brat. I’m not afraid to say it. When I was younger I’d always run from the doctor, or attack my dentist for pulling out my teeth. And when I didn’t get my way I’d lock myself in my room and blast my Kidz bop to the loudest setting just to annoy my parents. Or once when I was younger and lost a Yu-gi-oh tournament, then cried, I had placed in the top 48 (top 48 was extremely good), but I would just put headphones and cry until I felt better, I always would. Now a days I realize I run to music when I’m at my lowest. But I’ve never been too sad or afraid to sing at the top of my lungs

“I was in this but tournament, but didn’t make it to finals, unfortunately”

    Music is what holds this entire world together, this world, the next world, and the old world. It drives us to better ourselves in the worst and best times, it’s about everything we care about, and everything we don’t. It is loved by all. German psychologist Thomas Shafer wrote in his research paper “The Psychological Functions of Music listening” that we listen to music because of 3 reasons. 

“1. to regulate arousal and mood,”

“2. to achieve self-awareness,”

“3. as an expression of social relatedness”

Because of these 3 reasons, music has been found by all forms of people in all walks of life. However, some sing louder than others. And those who sing loudest are those who’ve faced the most unshakable atrocity known to man. The slaves. They sang when their lives were almost nothing. But, if one’s life is almost nothing why sing at all?

“This video explains the chemical effects of music”

   Let’s look way back into the 19 century. You’re a great slave holder in the southern colonies, you own 1000 acres of land and over 200 slaves. You look out of your great esteemed mansion and you see a hand full of slaves picking cotton. You make sure you don’t pay them for their labor and you were sure to tell your overseer to whip them every few minutes to make sure they don’t begin to start thinking for themselves, and every now and then you starve them.You make sure they’re in the worst conditions to make sure they’re ignorant. Yet every day you hear them sing. They sing their hearts out. They sing the same song everyday. And their songs get louder as they get older. Again why is this?

It’s because music is all they have.

Fredrick Douglass answers my biggest question, in his Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass On why do sing when there is nothing, he wrote that

“Slaves sing most when they are most unhappy. The songs of the slave represent the sorrows of his heart; and he is relieved by them, only as an aching heart is relieved by its tears.” (Douglass)

Black Lulu.PNG

“This is the first page of Five slave songs they sung”

   Published in 1882, but most likely written much much earlier, this excerpt of the song can be sung in less than 30 seconds, yet it encases what slavery is. In the song, the slaves sing about someone named Black Lulu.(Link to the whole song) She was, “Taken away one day never to be seen again” (Douglass). They mourn for their loss of their family, and as a result they sing. They sing to avoid the pain of their livelihood on their plantation. Yet even though painful, they still call their plantation home. It’s tough, it really is. They work for nothing, but they still believe that there’s something more for them in their life. They sing so they wont be sad. In page three of the song the forth singer of bar thirteen sings “He will sing and never be sad”. They still try to be happy. They sing as a result of Shafer’s 3 points: they want to regulate their mood to be happier, they want to fulfill their self desires, and they want to relate to others around them through music. Slaves are people too they want hope and to find some kind of happiness in their life, so they sing.


“Singing and dancing”

    I said earlier that slaves only have music to distract them from their hardships. That’s true. But what were their hardships, that make them sing so loudly? That make them refuse to attack their owners. They would never attack their owners because of the pain that the owner could do. Often slaves were  “Liable to be taken up and given 39 lashes” (Douglass), from doing anything wrong, or attack any owner. Moreover, slaves didn’t know anything. What if the world around them was worse? How would some slaves move from Baltimore all the way to New York? Or even worse, what if the owners told them to different corners of the south? Slaves were plentiful sometimes there was a ratio of two hundred slaves to one white man. Slaves were conditioned to fear their masters. If they went out of line they would get hurt. Slaves loved their families Douglass said that “Slaves would be taken away one day never to be seen again”, and that would be their biggest fear. Because their families were their biggest hope. That one day they’d be able to live together happily? So what they did to distract themselves from their troubles was to sing, because anything else they did would make their lives feel like they’re worth less than nothing.

fugitive-slave-act-newspaper-headline“A about the Fugitive Slave law (1850)

   Similarly why didn’t slaves just run? That would be because of the compromise of 1850: and in that the Fugitive Slave Act, and plenty of other laws. Which means any black man seen in the north or south could be sent to trial without any consent, and would be placed in front of a judge to determine if he or she was slave, with any accusation. As a result a southern plantation owner could walk in and call someone their slave, and that someone would have to go through the entire trial. Again when faced with this kind of to13th-amendment-headlineugh reality all they could do was sing.

   Well in the 21st century many say that slavery has been abolished, its “2016 baby”, its okay now we have the 13th amendment which states slavery is illegal. And that only applies to North America

                                                                                                                                                     “A bill about the 13 amendment”

     Although places like America have taken steps to counter slavery, the the institute is still practiced to this very day, especially in places that don’t try to stop it (Even places like America, it is still seen). For instance, there is Ayesha, a modern day, An Indian sex slave. Ayesha was brave enough to share her account in in equality today’s article “Ayesha“. Ayesha was 13 she met her 26 year old lover. He told her that “he could make me (her)  into a famous singer one day. I (she) agreed.”, after all she came from a village which called her the “Golden Voice” this is an opportunity of a life time. Her voice is going to propel her into new heights. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case. She was instantly sold into prostitution and had to work nearly her whole life to work out the debt. Unlike the 19th century American slaves, she was given no family to lean on, and nothing to live for she had lost all hope, and the one once called “Golden voice” had stopped singing.


   She eventually saves her self from this kind of lifestyle. She has 3 children, 2 daughters and one autistic son. She escapes her life style when she realized that she couldn’t support her family in her status. So, she found an organization called Apne app, an organization fighting sex trafficking. She talked to many of the people there, they were able to show her that there was hope, “As I conversed with women who had made new lives for themselves, I felt hopeful for the first time that I could leave (The sex trafficking institute)”. She was able to ask them for help with her family issue, and the organization was able to help her daughters find work, and she was able to care for her son. She had found new hope in her family.

“Because of her (Her Daughters), I sing again.”

Ayesha stopped singing when she gave up hope. She had no one to live for so she stopped singing. When she was younger she sang because of her lover, and when she was older, she was able to sing for her family, but when she was a prostitute, she never once mentioned a time when she sang. Like with the slaves she sang because she has something to look forward to in her life. Slaves looked towards the future where they could be happy with their families, Ayesha looks for a hopeful future with her daughters. As a result, she got her “Golden Voice” back.


  When faced with the worst of times, what is there to do? We make music! If there is just the tiniest bit of hope, we’re bound to grab it. Slaves are the best example of this. Slaves sang when they were suffering the most because they had hope that they would be free with their families, and that the present was just so tough. Ayesha gave up hope because she believed she had no future, so she didn’t sing. However, she eventually was able to sing when she saw that her future was in her daughter, although she, herself wasn’t out of the trafficking industry just yet. She learned that in every bad situation there will be hope. There has to be the human brain wants to be self actualized, and regulate its mood into the best it can be. Although it may seem terribly-awful, like there is nothing to hope for, there will be something coming. Even though people like Ayesha didn’t see her hopeful future right in front of her right away, that’s okay, because it did eventually come. Because once she got something, it didn’t have to be much (Her daughters in this case). It could’ve been almost nothing, even if it was almost nothing  it was enough to be hopeful, anything could’ve been enough for her to start singing at the top of her lungs. Because anything can cause a huge change, even something close to nothing.





Sacrificial Sheep.

After watching the Crucible I couldn’t help but think about the girls who were accusing people of witches, were, in a way, making deals with the devil to protect themselves, a sacrificial pact. The girls would willingly sacrifice others in order to keep their status in check.


And it’s natural for them to do this. People are crazy, they want to protect their livelihood, and make their own lives the best they can be, and sometimes, its necessary to give up their own morals and beliefs, even if they don’t want to, they will. to do so its natural to follow a group, and fall to hysteria.

The sad truth is that people who are safe are those who travel in packs, no matter how wrong. This is because of hysteria. No matter how wrong one guy is, as long as people are around to back him up, it is correct. This is unfortunate, but true. In the Crucible and real life this is proved to be true. In the Crucible, the judges believe the girls because they’re a large group, when one girl decided to diverge, she was faced with prosecution.

And even today’s witch hunts, the most prominent are on Muslims, after 9/11 it began the stereotyping of the Muslim and Arabic people as terrorists or threats to our safety after the events of 9/11. Many were called terrorist, and were faced with random arrest, and prosecution because of what the people “thought” of them, even though they were only stereotypes

This is a huge problem. People fall too easily into hysteria, even though there is no proof or evidence, its cruel. The worst part is that people are still hiding behind groups, and falling to mass hysteria. People are still being arrested, and people who are hiding in groups are faced with conflict ideas, if they actually have the opposite idea, but are hiding in order to protect themselves from being outcasted.

The problem is prominent people shouldn’t be falling for others or hiding from their own opinions because of others, that’s where the problem lies

We need to be able to be themselves, and rise above groups, and have their own opinions. We need to rise up, take a step back, and look around.

Now That Trump Is Our President. It isn’t so bad, is it?

The Electoral College has spoken, Donald Trump is officially on the road to be our president. So what is our future president to be planning?


First of all Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

  • He want’s to reduce taxes all around especially for those in middle or working class. They will “receive a massive tax reduction”
  • He want’s to make sure the rich pays their fair share
  • He plans to eliminate special interest loop holes, and make sure business tax is much more competitive, so he can revolutionize america.
  • Also, he want’s to reduce the cost of childcare.

All are extremely broad statements, but still in the good mind. However, in his speeches and his public resources, he doesn’t provide any actual plans, other than he says he will do these things. Moreover, many new congressional changes he plans to force does go against what he actually does. Especially dropping loop holes and not paying taxes, as most of the information given shows him actually participating in abusing loop holes and not paying taxes.


Trumps immigration plan.

So This is an infamous one.

Trump has a 10 part plan, and the step one… Build an impenetrable physical wall.. and Mexico will pay for it.

Enough about his 10 parts, we’re only going to focus on step one.

Trumps 10 part plan does include this wall. His online plan explicitly states so. This is unfortunately the main problem that comes with Trumps Presidency. Mainly because a physical wall is impossible, and it wouldn’t even stop immigration. However, many people like myself believe it was a ploy to gain attention during the debate, and run with the hype. I honestly believe it was a genius way to gain much attention for free, but if he’s serious were going to have a huge problem on our hands


Now, finally, Donald Trumps economy plan.

The sad truth is, his economy plan only says he want’s to make the economy “better”

His plan only contains points on why we can’t have a great economy, like the lack of labor force. He provides zero solutions to the labor problem, in fact, his previous plan intends to block labor- a huge contradiction. It’s unfortunate.

Donald Trump will be our future president, and it can’t be changed at this point. Unfortunately he has only been able to provide us with glittering generalizations, and nothing more. However, if Trump does succeed in his “plans” we’ll usher into a new industrial revolution with no immigrants, many americans in the labor force, and lowered taxes.

I, myself am a bit shook about the idea, as I am with all new presidents, but I am looking up. However, I will need to do a lot more research, and keep up with the politics in order to know for sure if we’re going to be able to reach the point he says we are, or if we’re going to plateau or even go down.


Three days minus the other two.

Stranger! Danger? Potatoes?

My mama told me that strangers were the worst don’t trust them. She told me “Vivian you’re only 7 years old! Don’t go around with strangers!”. I wonder why. I do wonder why. Just the other day, I was lost, and a nice man came by. He wore a beanie and didn’t seem too bad. He was darker skinned than most, but who was I to judge. He saw me crying on the slides in a park, and he asked if I was lost. I told him yes, but “I shouldn’t talk to strangers”. He told me I could trust him, I said no, but he gave me a bag of potatoes: so I went along with him. He told me to hop in his van and I did. It was a big white van tinted windows, but it was okay. He gave me a bag of potatoes. That whole day we drove around the town. Past the target, my school, I think we went out of the city at one point. But the man was nice. He pulled out a stove in his van and he boiled the potatoes. All the while he spent the whole day looking for my house. It took 3 hours to do it! But the nice man found it and told me to go home. I asked him to come inside, but he said “no, your family would kill me”, and he gave me the bag of potatoes, then I went off. I told my mom the story and she was furious, but I gave her the potatoes, and she began to trust me.


Mama’s Phone Call.

Oh dear god where’s my daughter? She told me that she’d go to the library, but it’s been a whole day since she’s returned. The police! Yes! I’ll call the police!. I’m sure some man kidnapped him. If I get my hands on him, I’ll get him prosecuted in an instant. Those kind of people just aren’t trustworthy. No one is. Not with my daughter. *The Police pick up. Yes! Hello, officer, my daughter hasn’t been home in a whole day. She’s been kidnapped. *The officers answer back. What do you mean! You can’t help? Why! *Officers reply. This is ridiculous! I give up 40 percent of my income for you people what do you people to help me. And you tell me that I’m delusional? *Officers Reply then Hang up. You can never trust anyone. Ever. What’s that sound? The door? Is that a bag of potatoes?




The Man In the Beanie.

Here we go again. I get yelled at for stealing, which I didn’t. They kick me out of the factory and hand me a bag of potatoes as my farewell gift. 10 years. 10 years of trust and hard work, turned into a bag of Glucose and Starch. I hop into my van that I’ve used to cater others and transport the food, but in the end. It’s all I’ve got now. I guess it’s time to look for new work. I guess I’ll head to the park, that one park I spend all my time at when I’m feeling down.




How to play Monopoly without the rules.


We’ve all played it, but how many of us has played it- played it. Because I for sure know I’ve never even seen the rule book, or played by them.

So I’m going to give a review on the edition I have, and the rules I’ve been playing by.


Welcome to the world of pokemon!!!!

“Here’s a song to get you into the mood”

So first and foremost we use 3 dice, because my friends think 2 isn’t enough to move around.

People are allotted 200 poke dollars each and a Pokemon to get through the tall grass: I always choose JigglyPuff, because she’s the best Pokemon.


So in this world we must defend, the main goal is waiting out your opponent. Here’s a copy of the art of war, to win the mental fatigue game.

We play for hours at a time and since all of us don’t know how to play, we play to see who has the most money after everyone gives up.

This can take hours at a time so i recommend reading the Art of War to discover a strategy to win this game of fatigue.

It’s a bit of a joke, but here’s how it normally goes

First hour:

Person 1: Ha I can do this, you guys are awful, look at all these Pokemon I’ve captured.


Person 3: I’ve been bankrupt since the first minute.


Me: Hehehe I own the board so you all have to leave my house at one point.

Second hour:

Person 1: This is so easy

Person 2: “IM DONE FORGET THIS” Proceeds to drop out, normally naps in my bed



Me: I can do this. Keep waiting, they’ll give up. Then i can be the Pokemon master.

Third hour:


Person 2-4: “Yea that’s our ride too, We need to go”

Me: Screams at the top of my lungs: “IM THE CHAMPION!!”

Although it may seem a bit strange, this is how I play Monopoly. I can lose all I want, but in the end I always win.

I’m always the Pokemon master. Because there’s always one way to win. With or without rules.