Rain Drop, Change never stops

“Rain Drop, Drop top, This rain be fallin’ non-stop” – Anonymous    

It’s been over 5 years since it stopped raining in California. We were taken over by a harsh sun, and unbelievable drought. However, it’s finally over It’s raining and flooding all over the state. It’s incredible. During the drought, there was a lack of water. But for me, during this period, life was feeling a bit dry and monotonous.


“A picture to describe how I felt a little while ago”

But It’s not how I’m supposed to feel. A year ago, I was going through the motions. I went to school, went home, and did my 5 hours of homework, then slept. This was for the majority of my life. This is not how I’m supposed to live, is what I thought to myself. After, I was in pain, I was hurt: I hurt myself mentally. I realized life is more than school and “education”. But, I was still in it- the motions never stopped. I still went to school, I did my 5 hours of homework, then slept. I thought of this as the worst possible outcome of my life.

I’ve gotten out of those motions, but like many, the past will haunt me. So what does this have to do with rain? Well, I like to think of myself similar to the sky (So cheesy). Like the sky I was pretty dry and sad, but after I pushed myself a little bit, I started to change. And It was a more than refreshing change to my life. I didn’t just go to school. I have internships, I went to foot ball games, and I even went to a talent show. A year ago, I couldn’t even imagine what those were like.



I don’t know any other way to say this, but what I want say is that it doesn’t matter how hopeless a situation may seem it will get much better.  Life can be sad, but looking from the future it’s not impossible to change. It’s like California’s drought. It took 5 years for it to clear up, and fix itself.


A drought and changing oneself, seem completely disconnected. I mean how is rain supposed to be the same as a persons life. It may not for many, but for my life, it looks like everything. I appreciate the rain, that it took 5 years for it to come around, but for me it took much longer for me to change and open myself up to the world. If any of my readers are struggling or unhappy about your life, please take a moment to reflect about what actually makes you sad, and try to change it. It doesn’t have to be a instant change, but if you really are sad, and want to find a solution, you have to want it as much as you want to breathe.

I promise that you’ll be satisfied when what you want comes around.

“This is the first video that inspired me to make a change” I hope that others can find inspiration from it as I have.





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