A New Kind of Day


Before I start going off, I want to share a story:

So, I started the day with my one friend- we were a bit lonely


But a nice guy asked if my friend and I wanted to join the circle and throw around a volleyball


My friend was a little reluctant, because we didn’t know them:


But we joined in this circle of 4 people and we tossed the volleyball


More people came


A musician played music for us too! (We didn’t really know him either)


We were loud then told to move


We played until we got tried


My friend went with the group and played cards under the tree


I went off on my own and decided to relax under a tree next to the musician

Part 10.png

A person from the group came by and we relaxed near the musician together


A man with no thumbs came with his crocodile asked if we wanted to play with him (we did)


The day ended. And although I started the day with one friend, I ended with a lot more


Big Meanie: Blah blah blah what is all this? A badly drawn kids book?

Me: uhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: I didn’t come here to read a kids book

Me: uhhhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: Stop playing and get to work

Me: uhhhhhhhhhhh

Big Meanie: Well?? You have something to say?

Me: Sort of.

That story was an instance, my instance of the Global School Play Day. Going to be straight, I didn’t know what it was, and I probably wouldn’t have known it if my 11th grade English teacher hadn’t decided to host one. It’s a day where we’d take a break from schoolwork, and we were allowed to have fun. No studying, no stress, nothing. Just a time where we could spend an hour doing whatever I felt

Big Meanie: You little millennial you should be putting your head into those books.

Me:Yea yea. Call me what ever you want. But this probably made me much more comfortable going into that English class.

Big Meanie: Wait, what?

I’m not sure if I should share this, but everyday when I’d go to English class, it’d feel a bit empty. I had a friend or two, but one’s sitting in the opposite end of class, and the other I’m still a bit awkward around, even though he always makes an effort to be friendly. And a day like this, it just felt good.I was invited to have fun with a group, which barely knew me, and I got a chance to interact with new people. They were super friendly, and I really feel like I bonded with the people around me, and I actually look forward going to class now knowing I’m not going in alone. Best part, I was afraid of this day, because I thought I’d have no one to spend it with. But the people around me welcomed me in open arms. So I’m now glad to walk into my English class.

That’s a huge statement for me. You see, I often get afraid of others.

(So much digression and tangents sorry about that)

Big meanie: Well it’s your fault for not being the perfect being. Not my fault that you’re awkward.

True. I’m not a social butterfly like many of my classmates. I’m awkward, dumb, I eat a lot, and I watch way too many movies. But even an awkward lump like me can have fun. My life is full of stress that I decided to put upon myself, and I refuse to give up what I love doing, even if it’s so stress inducing. And I get home everyday at 7 or 8! But who cares! I’ll still decide to relax rather than study. But I have to study don’t I?

As a result, I trade sleep because I also have to “learn” useful history facts and that sin90=0.

So what more did I learn from the Global Day of Play?

This was an incredible experience for me, and I’m glad my teacher showed me it. I played volleyball, with a group that I didn’t even know. They invited me to join their circle, and I took the opportunity to meet these friendly guys and girls.

It taught me that I crave these kind of interactions. That I want to make friends, something I kind of forgotten in the sea of education.

It taught me something 12 years of schooling probably never will- that I seek out fun relationships with others.

Here’s a blog that I found that writes about some reasons why I was pessimistic and now optimistic about search for friendships

A relationship that I haven’t had since elementary school with my old dorky friends. We’d play card games and tag, it was good clean fun I haven’t had ever since I’ve gotten digital games. It’s strange to me that I’d forget something so full just because I’ve gotten something that’s a bit more convenient.

Why I feel this way is probably because of the high demand of perfection.


I’m taught to be perfect. Do all this work and fill up your resume right? Because only doctors and lawyers are happy. RIGHT?!?

Well this day reminded me of a quote my uncle taught me a while back. He told me that “if everyone was a doctor, who would be the patient?”

Big meanie: uhhhhhhhhh

It’s a lame dumb quote that my uncle told me that actually stuck with me, until sophomore year, when I actually realized how competitive college was. I got this tunnel vision and decided to study and do all this work to stunt in front of the college admission office. But I realized, once again, will becoming a doctor or lawyer make me happy? Why give up 4 years of happiness so I could get a career that is said to be happy, if I can just be happy now.

So what why global day of play.

It’s a great event. That I believe all teachers should host for their classes. Because with all the stress a student has, it’s good to take one day. Just one. To have fun and realize that school isn’t everything. Take it slow and enjoy school, not rush through it so you can reach “happiness” in your future career.

Big meanie: maybe you’re a bit right.

Before I end this blog I’d like to thank Mr.T for making me feel more comfortable when I walk into class.






















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