Sacrificial Sheep.

After watching the Crucible I couldn’t help but think about the girls who were accusing people of witches, were, in a way, making deals with the devil to protect themselves, a sacrificial pact. The girls would willingly sacrifice others in order to keep their status in check.


And it’s natural for them to do this. People are crazy, they want to protect their livelihood, and make their own lives the best they can be, and sometimes, its necessary to give up their own morals and beliefs, even if they don’t want to, they will. to do so its natural to follow a group, and fall to hysteria.

The sad truth is that people who are safe are those who travel in packs, no matter how wrong. This is because of hysteria. No matter how wrong one guy is, as long as people are around to back him up, it is correct. This is unfortunate, but true. In the Crucible and real life this is proved to be true. In the Crucible, the judges believe the girls because they’re a large group, when one girl decided to diverge, she was faced with prosecution.

And even today’s witch hunts, the most prominent are on Muslims, after 9/11 it began the¬†stereotyping of the Muslim and Arabic people as terrorists or threats to our safety after the events of 9/11. Many were called terrorist, and were faced with random arrest, and prosecution because of what the people “thought” of them, even though they were only stereotypes

This is a huge problem. People fall too easily into hysteria, even though there is no proof or evidence, its cruel. The worst part is that people are still hiding behind groups, and falling to mass hysteria. People are still being arrested, and people who are hiding in groups are faced with conflict ideas, if they actually have the opposite idea, but are hiding in order to protect themselves from being outcasted.

The problem is prominent people shouldn’t be falling for others or hiding from their own opinions because of others, that’s where the problem lies

We need to be able to be themselves, and rise above groups, and have their own opinions. We need to rise up, take a step back, and look around.


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