Now That Trump Is Our President. It isn’t so bad, is it?

The Electoral College has spoken, Donald Trump is officially on the road to be our president. So what is our future president to be planning?


First of all Donald Trump’s Tax Plan

  • He want’s to reduce taxes all around especially for those in middle or working class. They will “receive a massive tax reduction”
  • He want’s to make sure the rich pays their fair share
  • He plans to eliminate special interest loop holes, and make sure business tax is much more competitive, so he can revolutionize america.
  • Also, he want’s to reduce the cost of childcare.

All are extremely broad statements, but still in the good mind. However, in his speeches and his public resources, he doesn’t provide any actual plans, other than he says he will do these things. Moreover, many new congressional changes he plans to force does go against what he actually does. Especially dropping loop holes and not paying taxes, as most of the information given shows him actually participating in abusing loop holes and not paying taxes.


Trumps immigration plan.

So This is an infamous one.

Trump has a 10 part plan, and the step one… Build an impenetrable physical wall.. and Mexico will pay for it.

Enough about his 10 parts, we’re only going to focus on step one.

Trumps 10 part plan does include this wall. His online plan explicitly states so. This is unfortunately the main problem that comes with Trumps Presidency. Mainly because a physical wall is impossible, and it wouldn’t even stop immigration. However, many people like myself believe it was a ploy to gain attention during the debate, and run with the hype. I honestly believe it was a genius way to gain much attention for free, but if he’s serious were going to have a huge problem on our hands


Now, finally, Donald Trumps economy plan.

The sad truth is, his economy plan only says he want’s to make the economy “better”

His plan only contains points on why we can’t have a great economy, like the lack of labor force. He provides zero solutions to the labor problem, in fact, his previous plan intends to block labor- a huge contradiction. It’s unfortunate.

Donald Trump will be our future president, and it can’t be changed at this point. Unfortunately he has only been able to provide us with glittering generalizations, and nothing more. However, if Trump does succeed in his “plans” we’ll usher into a new industrial revolution with no immigrants, many americans in the labor force, and lowered taxes.

I, myself am a bit shook about the idea, as I am with all new presidents, but I am looking up. However, I will need to do a lot more research, and keep up with the politics in order to know for sure if we’re going to be able to reach the point he says we are, or if we’re going to plateau or even go down.



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