Three days minus the other two.

Stranger! Danger? Potatoes?

My mama told me that strangers were the worst don’t trust them. She told me “Vivian you’re only 7 years old! Don’t go around with strangers!”. I wonder why. I do wonder why. Just the other day, I was lost, and a nice man came by. He wore a beanie and didn’t seem too bad. He was darker skinned than most, but who was I to judge. He saw me crying on the slides in a park, and he asked if I was lost. I told him yes, but “I shouldn’t talk to strangers”. He told me I could trust him, I said no, but he gave me a bag of potatoes: so I went along with him. He told me to hop in his van and I did. It was a big white van tinted windows, but it was okay. He gave me a bag of potatoes. That whole day we drove around the town. Past the target, my school, I think we went out of the city at one point. But the man was nice. He pulled out a stove in his van and he boiled the potatoes. All the while he spent the whole day looking for my house. It took 3 hours to do it! But the nice man found it and told me to go home. I asked him to come inside, but he said “no, your family would kill me”, and he gave me the bag of potatoes, then I went off. I told my mom the story and she was furious, but I gave her the potatoes, and she began to trust me.


Mama’s Phone Call.

Oh dear god where’s my daughter? She told me that she’d go to the library, but it’s been a whole day since she’s returned. The police! Yes! I’ll call the police!. I’m sure some man kidnapped him. If I get my hands on him, I’ll get him prosecuted in an instant. Those kind of people just aren’t trustworthy. No one is. Not with my daughter. *The Police pick up. Yes! Hello, officer, my daughter hasn’t been home in a whole day. She’s been kidnapped. *The officers answer back. What do you mean! You can’t help? Why! *Officers reply. This is ridiculous! I give up 40 percent of my income for you people what do you people to help me. And you tell me that I’m delusional? *Officers Reply then Hang up. You can never trust anyone. Ever. What’s that sound? The door? Is that a bag of potatoes?




The Man In the Beanie.

Here we go again. I get yelled at for stealing, which I didn’t. They kick me out of the factory and hand me a bag of potatoes as my farewell gift. 10 years. 10 years of trust and hard work, turned into a bag of Glucose and Starch. I hop into my van that I’ve used to cater others and transport the food, but in the end. It’s all I’ve got now. I guess it’s time to look for new work. I guess I’ll head to the park, that one park I spend all my time at when I’m feeling down.





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