Thank You. Minus the Thank You.

Just 3 months ago, I applied to be part of the leadership program in the American Red cross. I went through over 9 interviews, and surprisingly was chosen out of the 90 or so candidates.


I knew no one, people came from all these different schools, and had their on cliques.

It was awful for me

At first at least

In my time there I met all these great people

Rick: The Fakest person you’ll ever meet.


Hieu: I call her Ryu though.


Elle: some punk


There are so many more. but…

I doubt these pictures mean much to everyone else, but they are a whole world to me. Meeting people is far from my strong suit, but these guys are incredible. They’ve led so many leadership groups, and have received all these grants and scholarships for their works. Then there’s me, some guy who somehow got accepted into the program. Nonetheless, I love them with all my heart and am glad to be around such amazing people. They’ll never see this nor do i want them to, but this is a way for me to say thanks, without saying it.

Just wanted to throw this in here to brag a bit.


And This photo because I really like it.







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