My SuperSmashBros Melee Career.

15 months ago, I entered a Melee (We’re just going to call it Melee) Tournament, and I was completely destroyed by a guy named Andrew

2 months later, I challenged him to a best of 5 for 10 dollars. I won only one round, the rest weren’t even close.

2 days ago, I was at his house, I finally won!

I don’t know how to describe how I felt. I trashed talked him a bit, but we both knew he was much better, but more importantly I feel like I’ve grown along side him.

Most of my career has been pretty irrelevant, just me entering a few tournaments winning a few, but never really placing top 8 in any of them.

However, little things like this, make my career few just so much better. It’s odd, it’s not like a won a major or anything huge, but I felt so good.

And most of all I did it with my main, Luigi.character_header_luigi


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