Busy work.

Busy work is the worst.

Busy work is not education.

Busy work Is not homework.

Everyday teachers gives out hours of homework to students, “claiming” it’ll help them in their studies. However, most of the work given is either too much (Which makes students resort to copying others) or it doesn’t benefit the student in any way, and they waste an hour or two doing it.

Math, Chemistry, Biology- all classes gives out busy work to some extent.

Sometimes it’s bake a cake.. for math, color the picture.. in chemistry, or make a cool project with a paperclip.. In biology. Although these instances are a bit exaggerated, they’re real. This type of work is fruitless, students will never be able to learn anything g from it. They don’t need to color the cow, they don’t need to bake a cake, no one needs to make a paper clip into an S. Rather than give out hours of pointless homework, give out “enough” that so we can learn the material. Monotonous work can even fall into this category. In math we’re given 50 problems a night, of the same question! 10 would be enough to learn the material, but no, 50 is the right number. It discourages students, and makes them less inclined to finish the work, especially if they know it’s going to take 2+ hours to do.

However much busy work other classes give out, I’m going to focus in specifically on Spanish, which gives out the most.

In my experience, I spend most of my time self teaching Spanish. This is because most of the “homework” given to me has nothing to do with the subject, or they’re giving you the answer right in the question.


“Spanish Crossword Puzzle”

This is the biggest offender when it comes to busy work. Especially when it’s combed with 5 other practice book pages.

Students shouldn’t be bombarded, with work, that people can just guess, and say it fits. Copying other people’s cross words are running rampant, and more often, people are just throwing in random letters to fill the space.

It’s ridiculous.

Moreover, there are assignments that tell you to underline the preterito tense, it’s the equivalent of looking for -ed in every sentence just to circle it.

Bottom line people don’t care to do too much work or busy work. With all the forms of communication now, they don’t even have to.

It’s always funny how we always over compensate, when enough is all we need.




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