How To Be A Well Rounded Student.. To all students

“Welcome back to school students!  We want to welcome you to one of the best years of education. We know about the rumors of it being the toughest year of your life, but we assure you it’ll never be that bad! But of course, college applications are coming up, so we formed this guide so you can be the best you can be!”


“First of all get at least 8 hours of sleep!”


“How students go to sleep”

All students are still growing! This much sleep will maximize your ability to learn and grow during your time in school. Of course, At the sacrifice of your social life and school life. This idea is ridiculous. Students are given hours of homework a night, not to mention those who take extra curricular have to stay after school till 6pm-8pm, some even go until 10pm, weekly, and they’ll face consequences.


“Secondly, eat 3 meals a day! Make sure it’s all healthy, because poor eating leads to a poor school life.”


“A classic school meal”

All students should have a healthy diet in each of their 3 meals a day! It’s only sensible if you want to become a great student. Students are told to eat healthy, everyday. Obviously the best choice when it comes to living, but it’s a bit odd when for lunch the affordable options during lunch are all unhealthy where the healthy options are 50% more expensive compared to then let’s say pizza.Unhealthy options are much more convenient when one is low on time


“Next you want to have an active social life if you want to make the best of your years in high school. Remember you want to keep yourself happy. That’s what really matters. Make sure you have time to connect to others!”


“how to connect with others”

Most people who connect with others over social media use it to cheat on homework! Our definition of social is homework. Our social life is homework. Our lives are homework. Homework chooses when we sleep and how we spend our nights. Basically when we connect to others, it’s only to do the busy work that is school.


“Make sure you turn in things on time students. However never go all night to finish your hours of homework. We know it’s important to your gpa, but make sure you sleep those 8 hours, education is more important than your gpa!”


“How students end the night”

We’re told do your homework, but don’t spend too much time on it. It doesn’t matter too much. It’s only 30 percent of your grade.

“The math homework is due tomorrow, the question are 1-75, a-b, show all work”

“Don’t forget students it’s worth 20 percent of your grade”

“Okay Ms. Karp, I’ll get onto it after I get back from my band practice tonight at 10:00pm. Actually I have to do physics, English, Spanish, Apush, and psychology homework ”


Homework is crazy. We understand that homework is supposed to help students after classes, but wouldn’t it be much more beneficial to learn it in class, rather than relearning it after class? We’re told to not over work ourselves, but that’s impossible if it’s drilled into our heads that if you don’t succeed in high school you won’t get into a good college, and if you don’t get into a good college you’ll fail in life. Why not give students time to learn the material in class, rather then make class go over last nights homework, then assign more homework?


“VOLUNTEER, STUDENTS! All well rounded students should have at least 400 hours of volunteering service per year! We want all students to be great people, and obviously the only way we can measure that is how many hours you’ve spent to volunteer.”

Hands Holding Volunteer


No. No. No. It’s time to stop, that’s enough. This is overloaded, and I’m sure i’m missing other key components. Students are supposed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, sleep 8 hours a night, have extracurriculars, eat 3 meals a day, and spend time with others? There are not enough hours in a day that permit all of these things without sacrificing the other parts of that equation. There is something foul in the way we conduct education. We need to make some sort of change as soon as possible before students lose the time they’re given to be adolescents. Just take a look at Finland. They work much less hours than the students here in the U.S, yet they always end up having the highest average scores in the world. Let’s do enough away with these outlandish expectations, rather let’s instead of having students teach themselves, give them time to understand what they need to know, rather than manufacturing robots in our “proud” American education system.

We need to “Sue the school system”.



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