How to be a good Clown

Clowns are Scary

 Clowns are Awful

 Clowns are Insane

   Yet, I still love them.


With all the clown hate, I’d like to take the time to appreciate the good side to clowns, but not the classic clowns, the crazy clowns- the Jokers. Clowns aren’t supposed to be just mindless murderers. People aren’t supposed to be able to spot them so easily. And for sure, they shouldn’t be arbitrary running around east America scaring people.


It’s no laughing matter. (HAHA Jokes!)

Social Media has connected clowns serial killers. But, they’re not just simple serial killers. They should be meticulous, maniacal, and most of all they should have a purpose. The Joker is all of this, and because of it, he’s my favorite clown. I grew up reading D.C comics and watching their animated movies, and the only character I really enjoyed reading and watching was the Joker.

The Killing Joke


A Death In The Family


The Joker is what a crazy clown should be. In all his comics, he crafts these crazy schemes to mess with the town. He makes people laugh, although he has to gas them. He works his hardest to make a man in a bat suit enjoy himself! And most important of all, he does it to put on a show for all the people of the world! Killing people erratically doesn’t make a you a good clown, a clown needs a purpose!

In a whole, If you’re going to be a crazy clown, at least be interesting. Like my favorite clown, The Joker. If not, just stick to copying Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald Identity Crisis


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